Cricket Additional features

Additional features

In this game, you can view your results for the latest gaming rounds by clicking on the MY BETS button, as well as the results of other players by clicking on the PLAYERS button. Please note that by playing this game, you agree and give your direct and clear consent to display your nickname, winnings, as well as the size of your bet and the multiplier at which you claimed your winnings.

You can also express your feelings and emotions about the gaming session by clicking on any of the emojis. The selected emojis are visible to all players, so please be polite and courteous.

Additional Information:

The following aspects and settings may be regulated by the terms of the platform you are playing on:

  • Procedures used to manage unfinished games;
  • Time after which inactive gaming sessions are automatically terminated.

For additional information, visit the website of the platform you are playing on.

Please note that on some devices, clicking near any symbol, element, or button is equivalent to clicking on the corresponding button.

In case of malfunction of the gaming software, all affected gaming bets are canceled and refunded. Canceling bets means that any winnings, including Jackpot distributions, as well as any other bonuses formed or credited from, to, or on the canceled bet, become invalid and must be canceled.

Please note that the speed of the internet connection may affect the gaming process.

RTP (Return to Player):

The RTP is 95%.

RTP stands for the theoretical statistical percentage of the total amount of bets in the game that is paid out as winnings over a certain period.